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  • MT-1 Multi Tool

The MT-1 will be the most versatile layout tool in your shop. Combining the capabilities of a sliding T-bevel, saddle square, marking gauge, and multiple dovetail cutouts, it will prove itself invaluable to you in the shop.

You may be surprised to see how often you are reaching for this versatile tool when doing layouts in your shop. Primarily a sliding T-bevel for transferring critical angles, the hardened, passivated, and glass bead blasted stainless steel blade is not only accurate to .002” along its length, but tough enough to use it as a layout gage with a marking knife. Stray cuts from a marking knife will not damage it like an aluminum blade. A pencil notch at one end lets you make parallel lines with the edge of your workpiece. You can also make pencil marks on the non-glare finish and easily wipe them off later.

The handle is finely anodized, aircraft grade aluminum which feels great in your hand and is made to take years of hard use. Incorporated into the handle are dual saddle gages for transferring a line over a corner to the next side of the workpiece which is much more accurate than moving your square and trying to re-align it. Because they pivot, you can accurately transfer over any corner angle. There is a dovetail cutout in each saddle, one is 8:1 (preferred for dovetails in hardwood) and one is 6:1 (for softwoods). There is also a dovetail cutout in the blade which is 8:1 and it allows you to add dovetail layouts to curved pieces. The cam lock for the blade allows you to use one hand to loosen and it provides an infinitely more solid lock than trying to turn a small knob with your fingertips. The lock is solid enough that you could set the Multi-Tool at 90° and confidently use it as a try square or double square if desired. This is as good as it gets in a layout tool; extremely versatile, highly accurate, and durable. Let the MT-1 make you a better and much more efficient craftsman.

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MT-1 Multi Tool

  • 1,503.02kr (SEK)

  • Ex Tax: 1,202.42kr (SEK)

Tags: MT-1 Multi Tool, MT‐1, Bridge City Tools