Lie Nielsen Rabbet Block Plane


Years ago, Sargent made a small rabbeting block plane, No. 507. It’s a great design, handy as a block plane and wider than most
rabbet planes, making it easy to trim tenons to fit. Blade bedded at 12°. Non-adjustable mouth, 1¾" (4.44cm) overall width,
6¼" (15.87cm) long, unbreakable Ductile Iron body. Bronze cap, 1/8" (3.17mm)thick blade, body ground flat and square to .001" (.0254mm).

Our Rabbet Block plane comes with a circular A-2 nicker, which protrudes by .010" on both sides of the plane and can be retracted
 by rotating until the flat section is at the bottom. Occasionally hone on a fine waterstone as needed.


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Lie Nielsen Rabbet Block Plane

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