Lie Nielsen Low Angle Smoothing Plane type 164

The Low Angle Smoothing Plane is based on the rare Stanley 164, and is essentially a shorter version of the Low Angle Jack Plane — with an adjustable mouth, and a massive 2" (5.08cm) wide, 3/16" (4.7mm) thick blade, set at 12°. However, this tool is only 9½" (24.1cm) long and weighs 3¾ lbs.

We call it a Smoothing Plane because of its size (the same as our No. 4 Smoother). But like the Jack, it excels at both rough and finish work, and can be converted from one mode to another very quickly. The unique overhead Bailey-type blade adjuster provides smooth depth adjustment at your fingertips.

Toothed blades for Block Planes and Bench Planes have small chisel-like teeth .030" (.762mm) wide, and spaced .030" apart. They are used for heavy stock removal in difficult grain. Follow with a fine-set Smoothing Plane.

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Lie Nielsen Low Angle Smoothing Plane type 164

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