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Best price guarantee

Best price guarantee

We have always tried to have as affordable products as we could. We know that many of the quality tools we sell have a high price. We buy directly from the factories, in order to have the lowest prices possible. Sometimes we see / become aware that others sell the same products at different prices, and then we adjust our prices. Since we trade the products in smaller volumes, with a small currency and the ones we buy from sell in for example dollars, pounds and euros, relatively large price changes occur every time we receive a delivery. Therefore, it may feel like our prices are not at a constant level all the time.

Of course, we want as many people as possible to shop among our 2,500 products from more than 75 manufacturers, which means that we can bring in larger volumes, new exciting products, or new brands that will benefit you. In order for you to feel that you are actually getting the best possible price, we now have a Price Guarantee.

The price guarantee applies to the same product (manufacturer, model, design, specifications). It applies to official online retailers (approved by the manufacturers to sell their products) in Europe and North America. Applies to regular price, in Sweden including VAT, outside Sweden ex VAT with local currency, checked against the page or our own Euro prices.) Our prices in Euro are updated daily.

If you want to take advantage of the price guarantee or if you are unsure whether a product could be matched, send another question; prisgaranti (@) The matching price must not be older than 5 days from the order date. Take a screenshot where the product, the price with and without VAT and website are clearly stated. Shop with credit cards. (This makes it easier for us to repay the difference. Swedish prices refund the difference with VAT, foreign ones refund the difference without VAT.) If you want, you can alternatively have the difference deposited as a credit in your Rubank account, to use at the next purchase. If we have been notified of a lower price by someone else via email, we may not change our price until 5 days later.

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